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A DVS Home Ventilation System is an essential part of any Otago home.

We all know an Otago winter can be harsh and not just outside! With the change in season comes issues including excessive dampness, mould and mildew, and moisture-filled air.

Luckily, we have a solution! A DVS Home Ventilation System. Installing a DVS System into your home is a fantastic way to make it more comfortable and is an investment in the health and well-being of your family.


Asthma & Allergies

Asthma and allergy suffers can breathe easier with a DVS Home Ventilation System. Enjoy higher quality air in your home with the peace of mind that your family is breathing easier.


A DVS Home Ventilation System is a cost-effective way to invest in the health & well-being of your family.

Stay Comfortable

DVS Systems circulate filtered air around your home to create drier and cleaner air for a more sustainable, healthier, and comfortable environment.

What We Can Do

We are proud to be accredited DVS installers, and our team are the experts when it comes to creating a solution to suit your home. Talk to us today about the DVS solution that's right for you.

Heat transfer systems

Transfer excess heat from one room and transfers it to other rooms in your home.

Wall mounted ventilation

No roof space? We have solutions to mount to systems to walls.

Positive pressure systems

Harness the power of positive air pressure to achieve a drier, healthier home this winter.

Passive homes ventilation

Passive ventilation makes use of wind and thermal buoyancy, to circulate air to and from an indoor space.

Bathroom & Kitchen

DVS can make sure you meet the new Healthy Homes Standards.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

The perfect solution to let well-insulated New Zealand homes breathe all year round.

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